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Race Report: Rocky “Prep”

I’m definitely running the Rocky Raccoon 100 on Saturday - with a goal to finish and to bank a WSER entry for 2017
  • I’m definitely running the Rocky Raccoon 100 on Saturday – with a goal to finish and to bank a WSER entry for 2017
  • I’m sitting at about 50/50 odds – very few long runs, my ankle feels weird, and I’m experimenting with a bunch of new stuff
  • But hey – it’s right down the road in Huntsville, TX.  Why not!

After running Vermont and catching 100-mile fever this summer, I knew I wanted to do Rocky Raccoon next.  The one hang-up: I broke my leg during the Vermont (tibia hairline fracture), which meant that I was sidelined for most of August and then had to maintain pretty low mileage for most of September.  It was torture.  Then, Tom Brady was playing again, a turkey needed to be dressed and roasted, Italy happened, and suddenly BAM! I was way behind.

Plus, I’ve had this weird ankle thing going on.  It feels like there’s a tiny bubble in the space between my foot and my shin – right in the front.  It sort of disappeared for the first half of my training, but lately it keeps showing up unexpectedly, like that annoying neighbor, threatening to shut everything down.  I can usually run on it, but it’s a wildcard for sure.

Combine all of that with some major training changes (such as going HFLC diet the past four weeks) and I really have no idea what’s going to happen out there.  I’m actually expecting to eat a mere 2000 calories or so – low carb gels and bars – and most of it stuff that I’ve never eaten at all, let alone during training.  You know what they say about trying something new on game day 🙂

Oh well – no matter what happens, I feel lucky to be able to be part of this event and to give it a go.  RR100 is a flat 5×20-mile course, so I’ll have four soul-searching, pit-stop moments where I guess I can bail out if things seem to be going south.  Of course, bailing has never been my thing…logo_rr100

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